Live in Manchester CD & DVD release


This latest release will be available in stores from October 2014.

Recorded at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England in October 1991 accompanied by John Platania and the Jamie Marshall Band.


  1. Terry Steer says:

    Looking forward to the release of the CD and DVD in October. Like Don, that’s my birth month so I should be able to persuade my wife to buy a copy for me.

  2. Will Don McLean ever come back to the UK. Saw Don at the Albert Hall in 2012. Just seems a long time ago.

    • Yes a return to the UK is scheduled. We cannot post dates before the promoter says to do so but all being well Don is set to tour Europe again next year.

  3. Just curious, is the version of Vincent featured on Rearview Mirror from this show>

  4. I’m new to the talents of Don McClean. Believe it or not I always thought American pie was sung by one of the Beatles.
    I received an E-mail from a friend with his Vincent depicting all of Van Goughs paintings. I was so
    moved I went on You Tube and was amazes at how I never identified the beautiful songs with Don McClean. I guess I was too busy raising my family to be aware.
    Now I would like to get a DVD of his songs with the picture of Van Goughs work illustrated on the DVD
    as he sings it. An amazing talent.

  5. it is superb! the marvelous ways you create such lyrical expressions within each phrase – can’t wait for the next US concert – small & intimate. like Lakewood, NJ?
    as ever,

  6. I was wondering if Don ever mentioned who “You have lived” is about, if anyone in particular.
    Enjoy all of Don’s albums and Homeless Brother is my favorite this month.

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