US Concert Reviews 2013-2016

Don continues to be busy touring the US. If you’re lucky enough to attend a North American show then please leave a comment or review for other fans to read. Full Tour Dates

  • H Perry

    Attended the show in Woonsocket on the 13th………….great show, tremendous energy ………….the guy can still get done

    • AmyBeth

      FANTASTIC! I think he sang LITTLE SISTER just for me!
      AmyBeth aka ElvisLilSis

  • Tony Barone

    Saw Don McLean Friday night at Newton Theater, NJ. Fantastic show! What an amazing experience seeing him in person! Such energy and passion in every song he did. Started at about 8:45 and went on till about 10:30. One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen, will cherish for the rest of my life.
    much thanks to Don for visiting my neck of the woods.

  • Ryan Caiazzo

    Experienced Don at The Newton Theatre November 14th. Such a humble and genuine artist! His music is poetry delivered with beating heart and soul. Don’s passion for folk music and storytelling through lyrics is incandescent and especially refreshing compared to today’s pop music that tends to lack true depth or meaning. Especially thankful that Don stayed after the concert to sign memorabilia and CDs. Now THAT is an artist who loves his fans and his craft. Thank you for a delightful night, Don!

  • Helen Prana

    I love the song American Pie! Has so much emotion!! : ) : )
    I don’t know how you felt about it Don but I I loved Madonna’s version of it too. In fact, that’s how I heard about it. In year 2000, I listened to the song probably more than a 100 times within a week : )
    Although Madonna was singing it, it is your song, your Lyrics +Music+Emotion .

    Keep up the good work.

  • http://DonMcLeanOnLine Jim Bricker

    My wife Kathy and I just visited the New York Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC and went right to the Vincent Van Gogh paintings in the Impressionist section. What we saw in his paintings was profound! His think brush strokes cannot be appreciated in seeing a print or photo of his masterworks. We have since doe a lot of reading of books about Vincent (Van Gogh, A Perspective, and Lust for Life) and are amazed by the letters from his brother Theo and Vincent. Also the published letters and newspaper articles by art critics and fellow impressionist painters, like Renoir and Monet. Van Gogh was not appreciated in his time and if it wasn’t for his brother, Theo and Theo’s wife, Vincents works might have disappeared.
    Then we happened to stumble on to Don McLean’s song about Vincent – “Starry, Starry Night”. I cannot justly give all the superlatives we feel about this great song that Don wrote. It is amazing!
    It sums up how we feel about Vincent. By the way, Vincent Van Gogh always signed his paintings – “Vincent” and left off the Van Gogh. he signed only his first name, as did his hero Rembrandt.

  • Ben

    Does Don have plans to play the Beacon Theater in NYC? I bet he’ll sell it out

    • Mr. & Mrs. Nick Buccina

      Count us in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cleveland Rocker

      According to the tour dates, Don will be playing at BB Kings in New York City. In all my years following Don, this venue was the most intimate and enjoyable. Seating is a little tight with 6 or 8 ft tables with cabaret seating on both sides. Got there around 7:15 PM for an 8 PM show and tip the waiter a $20 and got seats no more than 15 feet from the stage. Had I gotten there a little earlier I could have been closer. They were selling booths for $200+ish and it would have been nice. My only complaint were the ignorant people in the booths behind me who wouldn’t be quiet. I would have liked management to kick them out as they were rude and annoying. Laughing and jabbering during the numbers, I wish Don would have sang American Pie first so the would have left. Otherwise autographs and chance to get Don to sign. Highly recommend, great show….Someday my home city will put Don in the Hall of Fame where he belongs, Peace

  • Barry

    Great show last night at The Harvester in Rocky Mount VA. Thanks!

  • Scott

    We saw Don last night (20 Feb 15) at the Harvester Center, Rocky Mount VA. Fantastic show and the acoustics were perfect. The center is small, Don and the band talked to the audience like we were long time friends.

  • Diane

    Just saw Don at a small concert venue. He was absolutely fabulous. His voice was perfectly strong and clear. We didn’t want him to end the evening! A+++++

    • amybeth

      yeah saw him at stadium theatre past November…..pristine performance & I found out that I’m cousins with him on his mother’s side of the family

      • Susan Furssedonn

        Wow Amybeth what an amazing thing to find out, you must have been stunned. Sue.

  • Allan

    Why oh why does Don never play the San Francisco Bay Area?

    • Lee

      Don played the SF Bay Area last summer, at the Mt. Winery in Saratoga, CA. Please scroll through the older comments here. I posted about it on July 31, 2014 at 11:27 am.

  • Allan

    Thank you, I stand corrected. Any hope on this tour?

  • Tom Keenan

    Just saw Don in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (27 May 2015), which was packed. Don was amazing, had the audience enraptured, mesmerized and following every word. Played for two hours and was the consummate professional. Everyone was on their feet for American Pie. Vocals were amazing and the band superb. Thanks Don, hurry back to Glasgow.

  • Sheila Schumacher

    I’ve seen Don McLean 3 times. The last time was July 4, 2013 when he did a free concert with the Portland (Maine) Symphony Orchestra. I was a volunteer and as I was waiting for a tee shirt, an SUV pulls up and guess who gets out? Don McLean. He walked right by me! I’d met him before and have 3 autographed CD covers. PRIZED possessions. Going to see him at the Maine Lobster Festival this summer again! My karaoke song is also “Killing Me Softly” and I NAIL it every time. Thanks for the music & memories, Mr McLean.

  • James Buie

    Just saw Don and Judy Collins performing at the Orleans in Las Vegas Nv. This was my fifth time to see Don and first to see Ms Collins. Ms. Collins’ beautiful voice has not been hindered with age. She delighted us with stories between songs and you could tell that if she had the entire program she would have had no problem filling it with music and stories.

    Don and his band began 10 minutes after Ms Collins. The crowd was ready to rock and Don did not disappoint. As always his concert was an eclectic mixture of album cuts, songs from a future album he told us he was working on, and old favorites. American Pie resulted in and encore of the chorus twice and an encore of the first verse. For the formal encore, Don arrived sans backup band stating as he sat down “I was coming back anyway”. With only solo guitar Don sang Vincent to another standing ovation.

    To steal from John Lennon “A splendid time was guaranteed for all”

  • lvgaryd

    I just saw Don and Judy Collins at The Orleans in Las Vegas. I was very pleasantly surprised by the talent Judy Collins had, both her amazing voice AND her great guitar playing. While I was never a big fan of hers, I really started listening to Judy since watching the show.

    Don McClean is simply an icon. I was very happy to take my son and his girlfriend so that one day they could look back on seeing Don McClean play live. What a great, great performance. Cannot wait to see him play again!

  • Diane

    Saw him last nite at Lobster Festival, a truly great performance. He is a real icon. We are from Colubus, ohio and this year we took our granddaughter, what joy ,she was on cloud nine. She now has her 1st autograph cd. She has been a big fan for a while, shesb15, so Mr. McLean has inspired a new generation. It was great to see all the generations last nite, singing and dancing, he’s a true icon!
    Thank you.

  • peterbhill

    We listened to Don at the Lobster Festival in Rockland. I hadn’t seen him perform in years and was blown away with his energy and enthusiasm! All of his songs, old and new, sounded brand new! The rockin’ version of American Pie wrapped up the the night and we left with a smile on our faces and music in our hearts!

  • Robert Gregg

    Caught a snipet of Don McLean/Judy Collins duet of Send in the Clowns – sensational check it out on Amazon

  • Erica Bellis Klein

    My mom sent you a letter in high school inquiring about the meaning behind American Pie (Susan Legner, Streator High School ’74), and she was blessed by receiving your response. She has since lost your letter due to many moves. I love my mom more than anything. I would LOVE to help her re-live that success. You are amazing to us both. Her birthday is coming up soon… I would LOVE to be able to give her your response to American Pie. Again. I hope you’re feeling well enough to make an original fan’s day. My email is I look forward to hearing from you. I pray I do.

  • Chester Guy

    I caught Don last night at the SKYPAC (Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center) in Bowling Green, Kentucky and had the “time of my life” musically-speaking. Not only does he sing as well as he did back in the 1970s, he totally engaged his audience and made us feel special and appreciated. His selection of music was eclectic and varied, and of course he thrilled us with his numerous hits from the last 40+ years.
    I never thought I’d have a chance to do a sing-along with Don in person, but myself and the entire audience reveled in our joining of voices to American Pie. It was a wonderful evening, one I’m sure to relish for the rest of my days. Thank you Don for the memories!!!

  • Ada Marie W Vorse

    What an entertaining show last night at our local theater, The Avalon, in Grand Junction, Colorado! So many genres of music in one night, and all superbly performed by Don and his talented band.

  • John Zirpola

    In an Intro to Arts Class I teach, a few of my students chose Van Gooh as their artist for a PowerPoint presentation. One of my more astute 7th-graders asked if we could listen to Vincent. I found a youtube video with the lyrics and many images of his art. I couldn’t believe how emotional I became looking at his paintings and hearing the song. My students were silently listening (except for the one boy quietly singing along.) I heard Don McLean live at the U. of Florida back around 1971 (?) Timeless over 40 years later.

  • Mike Poirier

    Just caught your show at the City Winery in Chicago. What a great evening. My wife and I enjoyed your new songs, songs we had never heard you sing before, and of course, a lot of our old favorites. I was reminded of the Edna St. Vincent Millay quote, “There isn’t a train I wouldn’t take, no matter where its going.” Adapted, I’m pretty sure it is true that there isn’t a song I wouldn’t like, as long as you were singing it.
    Thanks for a lifetime ( yours and mine ) of wonderful music !

    • Susan Furssedonn

      Hi, was so pleased to read your post about Don’s concert on the 27th, after the awful events of the past week that he, and his fans have been going through, I have been desperate to know how he coped in the first performance after it. I didn’t doubt he would give anything less than perfect, nevertheless I was ( and am ) concerned for him. So I was particularly happy to hear it went so well and that you both enjoyed it.

      • Mike Poirier

        There are a few youtube videos of some of the songs he sang on the 27th. This is the third time we have seen him perform live, and I don’t think he has lost a step. A great show.

        • Susan Furssedonn

          Many thanks, will have a look, I have seen him quite a bit early 80’s onwards, but never enough, saw two here this year,one in May and then on his birthday. He has never disappointed me, and never will.

      • Chumbe Salinas

        I saw him this past Saturday night in New Braunfels, TX. He was wonderful! He got several standing ovations as he sang thru his repertoire of genres! The audience loved him…so did I!

        • Susan Furssedonn

          Hi, so glad you posted this, that is his last until March so hopefully he can have a rest. So glad everyone showed their enjoyment and support with the standing ovations, he’s had such a difficult few weeks since Christmas so it must be good to feel his audience are still with him. He is outstanding isn’t he, I’ve been a faithful admirer, and concert go’er since 1972. And he is still every bit as good as he was then.

  • Diane Moll

    Dear Don,
    I’m so glad to see on your website that your upcoming concert dates are growing. This is very encouraging to so many of us who are very concerned for you and how you are doing, we hope you are coping and doing well. I’ve been following some of the reports out of interest and concern. Would I be disappointed if the allegations were true, absolutely, but I’ll never know and it certainly is not for me to judge. What I do know is that you’ve given your fans and followers so much joy and excitement for a very long time, I can only wish you the best and hope that you will continue to entertain us for years to come. I wanted so much to come to the Birchmere concert this Friday evening, but it is not possible. I was thrilled, however, to see that you will be coming to Chesapeake Beach, Md. on September 2 and we will be there for sure. It is two blocks from our beach house and I couldn’t be more excited. My husband and I have been to so many of your concerts and for months we both anticipate an evening with you and your band. We plan to bring lots of friends. For years they have all been intrigued with just why you are the one and only entertainer we will drive hours to see. At last, now they will know.

  • Kelly

    Finished it last night and hoped to be able to delete or re-write the original comment. I was excited to receive, anxious to read and after reading it I think Mr. McLean would rather sell the book on its own merit…

    What an excellent book! If you really want to know more about Don McLean’s history and the truth behind his lyrics, read American Troubadour – it’s like listening to a story straight from the horses mouth. The book gives an honest, insightful retrospective that pre-dates his childhood and walks through decades of his musical and personal journey. The threads of the tapestry he continues to weave will always be a part of American music. My compliments to both Don McLean and Michael Cochran. This biography seemed more like an autobiography, and I finished the book with an appreciation for someone who has made and lived with his own choices.