US Dates 2014

Don is busy completing a year long tour of the US with an international tour soon to be announced for 2015.

11/7/2014Palace Theatre (PA)Greensburg, PAUSA
11/9/2014Raymond F. Kravls Center for the ArtsWest Palm Beach, FLUSA
11/13/2014Stadium Theatre PACWoonsockect, RIUSA
11/14/2014Newton TheatreNewton, NJUSA
11/15/2014Norwalk Concert HallNorwalk, CTUSA
1/16/2015Capitol TheatreClearwater, FLUSA
2/21/2015The Birchmere Music HallAlexandria, VAUSA
3/13/2015Del E Webb Center for the Performing ArtsWickenburg, AZUSA

If you’re lucky enough to attend a show then please leave a comment or review for other fans to read.


  1. What cities are on the Canadian tour? I have listen to Don all my life. Love to hear him live.

  2. What a great evening! I’ve wanted to see Don McLean in concert for many years and the Capitol Theater in Clearwater was a perfect venue! The entire band was fantastic and played such a variety of songs that I was pleasantly surprised to hear it range from Frank Sinatra to Nazareth! My dad (age 75) enjoyed the show just as much as my brother and I – several of the songs brought tears to my father’s eyes and I will always remember sharing this experience. I would have never thought in the 70′s that one day we would have the opportunity to hear such a gifted songwriter and classy musician playing the songs we loved back when… Don McLean and some of the other band members were kind and gracious enough to greet folks after the show – another pleasant surprise!
    One of the highlights of the evening was watching several generations of people all sing the words to American Pie! Another was the perfect solo rendition of Vincent – my favorite song of all time! I highly encourage everyone to see this show when it comes any where near your town. I left with the impression that Don McLean’s loves his audience as much as we all love his music!

  3. maria-ann says:

    He is truly amazing – I am in Australia and saw him last year for the first time – my idol since I was 6 and my dream to meet him came true 42and a half years later. We did photos, he signed my book and so did the band and we jammed American pie in the walkway at Twin Towns Tweed Heads in New South Wales Australia. Nothing can ever surpass it.

  4. maria-ann says:

    Yes I loved his concerts -saw him in Australia last year

  5. Peter Richardson says:

    When are you coming to Detroit. I’m not getting any younger here

  6. ann frechette says:

    I have wanted to see Don McLean in concert since missing a show in the park in Albany NY in 1972 and finally did so in Clearwater Fl last week. It was the concert of my life time. Don McLean is my all time favorite singer songwriter – over my seconds…Neil Young, Jackson Browne, John Denver, Phil Collins, Dan Fogelberg, Dave Matthews and countless female singer/songwriters. It was the thrill of my life time to see him in concert – and better yet as I took my 23 year old daughter and had front row center seat!!!.
    Like an earlier comment from another fan on this post, I thought I would be treated to more classics. However, I LOVED the selections Don chose to perform and thought it was a PERFECT concert. I am in the hospitality business and felt the same way I do when I dine at a top restaurant – I always opt for the specials or the Chef’s tasting menu as I trust the artist in the kitchen to show me something new. While my love for Don McLean’s music is rooted in my particular favorites (and those are not so much the top 40 songs – though those are certainly engrained in my favorites roster) I thoroughly enjoyed his desired playlist at the concert. I felt I was treated to what he wanted to sing.- and his performance was amazing and his dialogue so generous to his audience and a two hour + performance without an intermission, unlike most most performers. The band was incredible and an amazing assembly of talent, one I imagine drawn by and to Don McLean’s artistry.
    I can go back to my cd’s and listen to my favorites at any time (and oh how I love Dreidel, Empty Chairs, and especially Magdeline Lane) but it is a rare treat when I get to hear what the artist wants to perform – and the artist, Don McLean, in Clearwater at the Capitol Theater on March 7th gave me, a life long fan, and my daughter, a youngerr generation fan, a very special concert serving up what he wanted this audience to hear. We as fans can always go back to our albums and CD’s to hear our favorites and standards. I have a strong sense that Don McLean knows that. I am forever appreciative that he does and that I was front row center with my daughter at the Capitol Theater on March 7th in clearwater Fl.

    • What a lovely review. You put into words exactly how I feel. Let Don sing what he wants and let us all hold on and enjoy the moment. It is so much fun when he comes out with some surprises in concert, can’t be too many for me. When he tells the audience how much he loves to sing, it is so heartfelt, how refreshing after all these years. Please don’t retire for many years to come.

  7. Mariana P. says:

    I attended the March 22, 2014 concert in Collingswood NJ. Judy Collins opened for Don…and even still, she has the voice of an angel!! So pure and perfect pitch!!
    Don was amazing…he always is!!! This is not the first concert of his I’ve attended…he has the most amazing, soothing voice and can sing everything from folk, rock and roll, country…you name it!! Of course, we all enjoy his “classics” ….and he did not let us down…American Pie, Crossroads, Vincent, And I Love You So, were among some of the many wonderful “standards” that we love hearing over and over again!!…and you haven’t lived until you’ve “rocked” along with him singing American Pie at the top of your lungs!! Loved it!!!
    I must admit the only down side was at the meet and greet after. I was in line behind 2 people who I believe were “autograph hounds and then sell it on ebay” types which I’m assuming Don realized and was not happy with. I was thrilled at meeting this icon…this wonderful, creative person whose music and voice has sustained me for over four decades through some of the most trying points of my life. In fact, when I lost my home and most of the contents to a fire 4 years ago, one of my goals was to replace my Don McLean “library” which I have been working on since then. I bought some cds that night, but brought my American Pie cd jacket in the hopes that I could get it signed. He very graciously did so. I asked about getting a picture with him and he was not happy to pose and for that, I am sorry. I realize he just did an amazing show, and that it was late, and that the people in front of me may have angered him, and maybe he just didn’t feel well that evening, but “the show must go on.” It was sad leaving feeling like I was ‘tossed off like the morning covers.” :-(
    Am I still a Don McLean fan? Absolutely!! He has been a part of my life for over 40 years…his voice has enveloped me as a student driving my first car (a Chevy) back and forth to college in 1972 and singing American Pie out loud as I drove, as a young gal working in radio in Philly, as a wife, a mom, and now in my latter years…and I can’t imagine not listening to his soothing voice as my hair turns gray …I look forward to the next concert …so ” ‘Til Tomorrow” I will listen to his music and celebrate his genius!

  8. Nancy dillon-Havemann says:

    Always enjoyed Don’s music and have most of his vinyl, cassettes and CD’s. However, the concert in Collingswood NJ was extremely disappointing. The only time he sounded like himself was when he sang without the drums and electric guitars. The drummer thought he was the only person on stage – he overpowered everything. Many people left before Don sang American Pie. Once that was over, people left in droves. The song about the old man waving went on and on. Thought t hat would never end. I hope don is feeling well as he did not seem engaged with the audience as usual.

  9. Like Nancy Dillon-Havemann, I was disappointed with Don McLean’s concert at the Scottish Rite in Collingswood NJ. It’s not that I had expectations that were not met; I had not been to a Don McLean concert before, and I am not a devoted fan. Rather, it’s that the sound technician did such a poor job of modulating the volume of the various musicians that their individual excellence was drowned out by the others. Piano and lead guitar solos were lost in the melange, as was McLean’s voice, at times. Two other things annoyed me. One was the almost tinny sound of McLean’s electrified guitar. Some songs cried out for the natural sound of an amplified, but not electrified, acoustic guitar. The other annoyance was McLean’s failure to end the concert with American Pie. This song is the natural climax of the Don McLean’s performance – it’s what the audience was waiting for. As a seasoned performer, McLean should know better than to continue after the audience has been satisfied. (Joan Collins, who opened the evening’s entertainment, was perfectly polished, in every respect. Though she’s in her mid-70s, her voice has not aged.)

    • Diane M. says:

      I’ve been thinking about this post and one prior voicing disappointment about Don’s NJ concert. My only suggestion would be that you move along to someone else and allow the rest of us, who are devoted fans and would go to as many concerts as we could afford, to enjoy one of the most gifted artists of all time, as well as this website. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but being annoyed about the order in which Don entertains his audience is a bit much. We love you Don, don’t change a thing!

      • Nancy Dilon Havemann says:

        Why is it disappointing to read a negative when the concert was nothing like other Don McLean concerts I have attended. I was soooo happy to get tickets for this concert and sooooo disappointed when it was over. It is unfortunate others who were at this concert and left early are not commenting on the performance. I do not feel it was Don’s voice because everything he sang without the booming drums and electric guitars was perfection. I would attend another of Don’s concert when he is back in the NJ or PA area in the hopes the sound tech is someone who can hear the music properly without distortion and over powering the instruments. I want to hear Don and his great voice and guitar not all the others who think that need to over play.

  10. Dave Thelen says:

    I see that Don’t tour is taking him to the States all around us (California, New Mexico, Nevada) but I sure wish he’d make a stop here in Phoenix, Arizona. We’d love to see him, especially if he played the Musical Instrument Museum which I think would be great venue Don.

  11. Mariana P says:

    David… I agree with you that the sound levels needed more attention. I can’t imagine the performer’s frustration knowing levels need adjustment and not being able to do much short of stopping and insisting the problem be rectified.
    I am a devoted fan…and to me, whether he opened with American Pie, closed with it, or sandwiched it in the middle…it’s fine with me!! I love his music. I love his voice…so wherever he decided to sing that classic was fine….
    And, I don’t know who you were listening to opening the concert…I was listening to Judy Collins…and yes, she was great!

  12. heather says:

    Come to Toronto …

  13. Gary ONeal says:

    Please come back to Nashville…soon. I missed seeing you the last time you were here and hate it soo very much.

    Besides, you owe me! I had tickets to see you at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta back in 1981 (or 82) and the show was cancelled! I never did know why.

    So, please…please come back to Nashville.

  14. Suzan, RN, LMT says:

    Don!! Are you still playing Cumberland Civic Center on July 12th or this year (2014)? I was looking for tickets, but am having NO luck.. Help!!!!!!!!!! It appears to be your only show in NE… and I want to come see you on my birthday!!!!!!!

    • this is still a confirmed date on Don’s itinerary. We don’t have ticket information – I’d advise keeping in contact with the venue about this

  15. A Murphy says:

    We saw Don Mclean perform with the Louisville Orchestra a few years ago and it was one of the best concerts I ever attended. This year we saw him in Clearwater FL and I must say we were disappointed with the songs and the energy of the concert. He finally got everyone on their feet with American Pie…left the stage and didn’t even come back for an encore. It was very disappointing.

  16. Wang Sun Chan says:

    My hope is for Don to do a concert in Malaysia. Like everywhere around the world, Don’s followers here yearns to see him perform in a concert that would be in our bucket list. Please swing over soon.

  17. I saw Don a number of times about 30 years ago in Toronto at Ontario Place, the Forum. What lovely concerts in such a beautiful and intimate setting ,and with the rotating stage there was not a bad seat in the place ! We were settled on our blankets on the grass with nothing but his magnificent voice to fill the evening air, the memory still gives me goosebumps !
    Unfortunately I didn’t hear about the concert here in 2013 , I would love to take my children to see him, so please keep Toronto in mind for your next set of dates ! In the meantime, thanks for the memories !

  18. robert weiss says:

    one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time..performed many moons ago at the famous Café Lena in Saratoga N.Y.. also had the priviledge of seeing him in Albany in Washington Park in 1972 and again at The Egg in Albany a few years ago as well as at The Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida. Only one sad note amongst many happy ones was that he failed to sing Castles In The Air..not sure why.

    • robert weiss says:

      we hope that Don does Castles In The Air this evening at The Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, N.Y. forgot to mention that Don is an accomplished musician as well as au unparalelled singer/songwriter.

  19. Phil Salisbury says:

    I had the great pleasure to hear Don, in-person, last December in Capistrano. He was, and is, amazing! A great singer/writer and I enjoyed him a lot. It is always exciting to find out “what will he sing tonight”. He shared most of his standards, but also introduced us to a few songs that were new to me. Really enjoyed the evening!
    He will be back in Southern California in July 2014, and I already have my ticket purchased. It will be great to see you again, Don.
    One request: In the Capistrano performance, the bass was way too loud. Would have liked to have heard the keyboard and piano better. Maybe even Don could just play by himself?

  20. Nancy Dillon-Havemann says:

    Your comment is much as mine was after the Collingswood NJ concert – Don is amazing, alone !!! Too many instruments cause distortion and ruin Don’s vocals and guitar sounds. I saw him many yrs ago at Monmouth University, Long branch NJ – Front Row center in a tiny venue – It was so fantastic that I cried for nearly the entire performance – tears of joy for the beauty! I only wish Don could hear how loud the instruments become – sad. I would love to see him again, alone or without a drum set in particular – he doesn’t need it – IMO

  21. Cleveland Rocker says:

    To my homies in Cleveland, enjoy the legendary Don McLean in concert at the Masonic Temple on Wednesday, June 11th. Hopefully this is the precursor of Don’s visit to Cleveland as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015……Sing a tune for me and remember I am with you in spirit as the last time I saw him there was in the Front Row Theater right after Don’s remake of Crying in the early 80′s. What a show and what a magnificent voice that still brings back great memories of the legend himself…..Rock N Roll C-Town!!!!

  22. Ikuo Terao says:

    Don’s singing is still in my mind. We’re expecting Don comes to Japan for the people of generation.

  23. Phil Salisbury says:

    Yes, I have my ticket for Don’s performance in Riverside, CA in July 2014.

    I remember that Steve Martin recorded his performance at the same historic Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, California in the fall of 2013. This program was broadcast on PBS in March 2014.

    Don, is there any chance you could have PBS record your Riverside, CA show?

  24. Perceptions are amazing and often different! I absolutely loved the concert and wasn’t at all disappointed there wasn’t an encore. Also appreciated the book/cd signing after the show.

  25. Janine Jorgensen says:

    We had the opportunity to hear Don at the LCPS stadium and field of dreams last night in Las Cruces NM. I had waited many years to hear Don and was only disappointed in the fact that the Audience was kept far away from the stage and completely off the field. It was a great concert and as it is our last fourth here in the Southwest and we will be moving to Oregon, I checked the tour dates and it looks like we can have a belated anniversary and see Don in Salem in the Historic Elsinore Theater in October 14. Thank you Don for a great show. We look forward to seeing you a little more up close and personal next time!

  26. Linda Douglas says:

    We enjoyed hearing Don last night (7/4) in Las Cruces, but the new venue where the city set up the show was awful. Live music of any kind is great, but it is especially enjoyable when you can be close enough to see the musicians (and for them to see you and your enjoyment of what they do). At the “Field of Dreams”, we could hardly see the musicians, and that’s no fun at all! So thanks for coming here, Don. Hope we’ll get to see you and your band another time and in a better place!

  27. Melissa Hall says:

    I just wanted to tell Don McLean how sorry I am for the VERY ODD situation in Las Cruces, New Mexico lastnight 4th of July. The city didn’t want to “ruin” the new turf at the Field of Dreams so no one was allowed on the turf! Everyone had to watch from the bleachers or the gates and the entire field empty! I bet he has never experienced anything like that in his life!! :( I spent all day before the show listening to his songs and learning about some of his life. I couldn’t even see him up close and get a decent pic. However, his performance was awesome. I hope he saw that double rainbow over our Organ Mountains that lasted like an hour before his show! It was beautiful. It really is a beautiful city here, despite this very odd set up for his concert and I hope he will come back!! Please pass this message along to Don!! Melissa Hall.

  28. NICK BUCCINA says:

    DON: COME TO SARATOGA PERFORMING ART CENTER in Saratoga, NY. if you can! I only went to see Harry Chapin but never returned. If you can arrange it
    I’ll be there! A sold-out gig. I guarantee it….. Don’t forget to bring “AMERICAN-PIE” with YOU. I sing that song in the shower every day……………………….

  29. Thank-you for your music in a time when some of us needed to find peace. I wish the newer songwriters of today wrote lyrics like you!

  30. Had the great pleasure of finally getting to attend a live performance of Don and Judy Collins at the Fox Theatre in Riverside, CA. What a splendid way to spend an evening.

  31. Phil Salisbury says:

    Don’s concert last Friday (7/25/14) (Riverside, CA) was exciting. Always love to hear what Don puts together for each performance. He sang, what he said was a new song, “I’m A Lucky Guy”. It was new to me and I loved it! Don still knows how to write, let alone sing, fabulous songs PLUS he puts on a fabulous show! How do I get a recording of “Lucky Guy”?
    Evidently the crowd in Riverside really had a good time. Don actually did an encore (Vincent). It was Don alone, all by himself, and it was great.
    I have now been to three of Don’s Shows. They, and the show on Friday, had VERY LOUD SOUND! I wish that I had brought a db meter with me so I could objectively measure the sound level. I had to keep my fingers over my ears to protect them. Two people seated next to me did the same thing. In fact, they left after 20 minutes because of the sound level.
    I will say, this was the first live Don McLean show that I could hear Tony’s keyboard and piano. I am casting my one vote for you to just bring yourself and Tony to all your shows. BTW, you really do not need anything more than your guitar, Don.

  32. Las Cruces, New Mexico, July 4th, 2014.
    We planned a motorcycle trip to at least 4 national parks and other historical places of interest in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Our first day would be the longest in the saddle, DFW to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I Googled and found that Don McLean would be performing there with the holiday festivities. We got there in plenty of time. I love hearing Don McLeans voice and his lyrics. His songs were impressed into my mind in the 60′s and 70′s. Seeing him in person would be a treat.
    Unfortunately, whoever planned the event goofed up big time. The venue was the high school’s football field. Did they place him on the 50 yard line facing the crowd? Did they allow fans to work their way up to the stage? No, on both counts. The stage was way up at the North end of the property, overlooking an empty football field. If we squinted really hard, we could make him out. So sad. Mr McLean even commented that he wished the audience was closer. It must have been a disappointment for him to play out to an empty football field. An international song writer/entertainer/singer in Las Cruces, New Mexico . . . . and they blew it!
    Yet, I’m glad that he was there and gave his best for the performance. Thank you, Don McLean.

  33. I attended Don McLean’s Mountain Winery performance last Saturday. Prior to that, the last time I saw Don perform was twice in 1973 at universities I was attending. I always remembered how impressed I was that he, solo without a backup band — just a guitar, a banjo and his voice — could command an audience so well.
    When I saw that he was going to perform here so close to home, I jumped at the chance to see him again. He was as good as ever. His voice as strong and clear as ever. He did have a backup band this time so the performance sounded closer to how he sounds on our records and CDs. Fortunately I didn’t feel that the band was overpowering as others had commented here.
    If I recall correctly, he opened with And I Love You So. His set then included a Buddy Holly song and a Johnny Cash song (I forget the names), and two songs I hadn’t heard before: I’m The Lucky Guy and Waving Man. And other classics such as : Empty Chairs, Crossroads, Castles In The Air, Crying, and Homeless Brother. He concluded with a rousing sing-along version of American Pie before leaving the stage. Many were wondering why no Vincent. A number of people in the audience actually got up and left. I knew he would have to sing Vincent but people kept leaving. Too bad for them. Don finally came back out and gave an encore performance of Vincent solo, which was the way he closed his concerts when I saw him 41 years ago.
    After the concert he came out for a meet & greet and he was kind enough to autograph his photo in my 1973 college yearbook.
    It was a really great and enjoyable concert and I left feeling amazed that he, at his age, still enjoys touring and traveling so much and that he keeps such a full schedule. I wish that younger people today would have the opportunity to listen to and appreciate all that his music has to offer.
    And I do hope to have another opportunity to see him again without waiting another 41 years this time!

  34. Darrell Fuller says:

    My wife and I attended the show at the Arvada Center on 7-30-14. Although the weather was cold and rainy for a summer evening, we thoroughly enjoyed Don’s set. The songs colored pictures of many emotions from happy to sad to funny and culminated with a rousing sing along of AP. The band was fantastic.
    I might also add how thrilled we were will Judy Collins performance, her Colorado angle was endearing.

  35. What a thrill and pleasure to experience the love and passion Don has for music and connecting with his audience. Brilliant beyond his years and an endless talent for so many years. Mr. McLean, it was an honor to see you in Reno, NV, last evening. Truly and gift to us all. Thank you.

  36. Oh my god. This was my 3rd time seeing Don at the Riverside theatre. He never ever ceases to amaze me. This time I was 3rd row in the VIP section and standing up while he played American pie and dancing and being that close. Absolutely unreal. And when he played Castles in The Air, my life is forever changed. Most amazing show ever. If he just would’ve signed after I probably could’ve died happy at that moment. When he signed after in Sacremento, that’s still the greatest day of my life. I wish I could listen to I’m The Lucky Guy and a couple others he sang but I cannot find them anywhere. With all this being said DON YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER, please please add another Southern California show, I’m sad looking at these tour dates and not seeing CA :’( I love you always.

    • Don is writing new songs for a possible new album so these will be three of those. Before that a new record distributor for Don will be releasing a new CD/DVD of a concert in Manchester England from October 1991 to be available in music stores worldwide. They are also re-issuing the Starry Starry Night collection.

      • Wow that’s amazing. I don’t think I’ve been so excited for someone to come out with a new album before!!!! Thank you! I will get the concert dvd when it comes out too. I love you don don

        • Hi Don, just wanted you to know that you are my inspiration for writing beautiful lyrics. My favourite song of all time is Vincent. And one of my songs just made it to the semi finals in the UK Songwriting Contest. “Ver Mi Camino” (Look My Way). Robyn

  37. Thank You. It couldn’t be said any better. God Bless

  38. yes, hes coming to Packard. I definitely need to see this show. I hope the tickets don’t cost me an arm and a leg

  39. Let’s get Don to swing through Austin and Houston. YES was able to pull a full crowd at the Bayou Theatre here last week so we know all will be good. I am looking at Baton Rouge on August 22 as my only hope….

  40. Emily Preece says:

    Have just returned home from Don’s concert this evening at the Spencer Theater in Alto, (Ruidoso)New Mexico. What a wonderful time we had. Every song Don sang showed his enthusiasm for being there and singing the songs for the audience. His band members are all masters in their own right. Every word was articulately pronounced and the ‘mixing’ of the voice/instruments was superb. More than one song brought tears to our eyes! We thank you, Don, for a wonderful evening! Please keep up the good work, and thank you for coming to Ruidoso!

  41. Michelle & Bobby Martinez says:

    I was born in 1968 & have LOVED/sung American Pie since I was a toddler. My six year old Bobby now continues on singing and riffing some of his own lyrics on top of yours.
    Good thing we love the song because he plays it many times a day. He is inspired and now wants a drum kit & guitar. Thank you for all the great music, inspiration and joy! Is there anyway to get a picture/autograph to my little guy?

  42. Please come back to the Isle of Man! I missed you last time you were here and everyone said you were amazing!!

  43. When are you coming to the bay area? We all would love to hear you here.


  44. CHRIS Fletcher says:

    Hi , i am now 66 and feel so sorry for all the youngsters who missed the 60,s , what a blast we had and I had the privilege of listening to and loving all our music , VINCENT was and still is one of my all time favorites ….. an absolute eternal classic , they cannot do that now days …… regards , keep entertaining ….. amazing …..

  45. Finished it last night and hoped to be able to delete or re-write the original comment. I was excited to receive, anxious to read and after reading it I think Mr. McLean would rather sell the book on its own merit…

    What an excellent book! If you really want to know more about Don McLean’s history and the truth behind his lyrics, read American Troubadour – it’s like listening to a story straight from the horses mouth. The book gives an honest, insightful retrospective that pre-dates his childhood and walks through decades of his musical and personal journey. The threads of the tapestry he continues to weave will always be a part of American music. My compliments to both Don McLean and Michael Cochran. This biography seemed more like an autobiography, and I finished the book with an appreciation for someone who has made and lived with his own choices.

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